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Are Keycaps Universal? Find Out Now!

Are Keycaps Universal

Keycaps are not universal; their sizes and designs vary. It’s important to check the keycap sizes before buying a set, especially for keyboards with non-standard layouts.

Mechanical keyboards tend to have more keycap customization options compared to membrane keyboards, making them preferred by gamers. However, finding keycaps that fit box switches can be easier, as most modern ‘mx’ caps from various brands will fit. Keycaps come in different sizes, shapes, and designs, allowing users to personalize their keyboards.

The better feel of mechanical switches and the durability of mechanical keyboards make them a popular choice among gamers. Despite the variety of keycap options available, compatibility issues may arise due to different keyboard layouts.

Keycap Sizes And Compatibility

Understanding Keycap Sizes For Different Keyboard Layouts

When it comes to keycaps, one size definitely does not fit all. Different keyboards have different layouts, which means that keycaps must also come in various sizes to ensure compatibility. Understanding keycap sizes for different keyboard layouts is essential when purchasing new keycaps.

Exploring Standard Keycap Sizes

Standard keycap sizes refer to the sizes that are commonly used in most keyboards. These sizes are often referred to as “standard ANSI” or “standard ISO” layouts. Standard ANSI keycaps are commonly found in keyboards used in the United States, while standard ISO keycaps are more commonly used in keyboards in Europe.

Below is a table showcasing the standard keycap sizes for ANSI and ISO layouts:

Keyboard LayoutKeycap Size
ISO1.25u, 1.5u

Identifying Non-standard Keycap Sizes

While standard keycap sizes are more common, there are also non-standard keycap sizes used in certain keyboards. These non-standard keycaps are often found in gaming keyboards or keyboards with unique layouts.

Non-standard keycap sizes can vary significantly and may include sizes such as 1.75u, 2u, or even larger. It is important to identify non-standard keycap sizes if you have a keyboard with a unique layout to ensure that you choose compatible keycaps.

Implications Of Non-standard Keycap Sizes On Compatibility

The use of non-standard keycap sizes can have implications on compatibility. If you have a keyboard with non-standard keycap sizes, it may be more challenging to find keycaps that fit properly. As a result, you may need to search for keycap sets that specifically cater to your keyboard’s unique layout.

Ensuring compatibility is crucial when replacing keycaps as using the wrong size can cause keycaps to fit incorrectly or not at all. Therefore, it is essential to double-check the keycap sizes before making any purchases.

In conclusion, keycaps are not universal. Keycap sizes and compatibility vary depending on the keyboard layout and whether it is using standard or non-standard keycap sizes. Understanding the keycap sizes for different keyboard layouts is important when it comes to finding the right keycaps that fit your keyboard perfectly.

Keycap Profiles And Variations

When it comes to personalizing your mechanical keyboard, one of the key aspects to consider is the type of keycaps you use. Keycaps not only enhance the aesthetics of your keyboard but also impact its overall functionality. However, are keycaps universal? In this section, we will explore keycap profiles and variations to understand their compatibility and the options available in the realm of mechanical keyboards.

Overview Of Keycap Profiles

Keycap profiles refer to the shape and design of the individual keycaps on a mechanical keyboard. These profiles dictate the height, angle, and overall feel of the keys when typing. Manufacturers have developed various standardized keycap profiles over the years to cater to different preferences and typing styles.

Commonly Used Keycap Profiles In Mechanical Keyboards

Here are some of the most commonly used keycap profiles in mechanical keyboards:

  • Cherry profile: This profile is named after the Cherry MX switches and is known for its moderate height and curved profile, providing a comfortable typing experience.
  • OEM profile: The OEM profile is a popular choice due to its versatile design and compatibility with most mechanical keyboards. It features a slightly taller height compared to Cherry profile.
  • DSA profile: DSA profile is known for its uniform keycap shape and uniform height, making it suitable for a flat and compact keyboard layout.
  • SA profile: SA profile is characterized by its high-profile, sculpted design, offering a unique and retro aesthetic. It is commonly used in enthusiast-grade mechanical keyboards.

Exploring Non-standard Keycap Variations

Alongside standardized keycap profiles, there are numerous non-standard variations available in the market. These non-standard keycaps often cater to specific keyboard models or layouts, providing customization options for enthusiasts. Some examples of non-standard keycap variations include:

  • Ortholinear keycaps: These keycaps are designed specifically for ortholinear keyboards, where keys are arranged in a grid-like pattern rather than staggered.
  • Split spacebar keycaps: Split spacebar keycaps accommodate mechanical keyboards with split spacebars, allowing for a more ergonomic typing experience.
  • Novelty keycaps: Novelty keycaps come in various shapes, sizes, and designs, allowing users to add a touch of personal flair to their keyboards. These include keycaps shaped like icons, symbols, or characters.

Understanding The Impact Of Keycap Profiles On Compatibility

The choice of keycap profiles is crucial for ensuring compatibility with your mechanical keyboard. Keycap sets are often specifically designed for a particular profile, and using mismatched profiles can result in an inconsistent typing experience or keys not fitting properly. Before purchasing keycaps, it is essential to check the compatibility of the profile with your keyboard model and layout.

By understanding the keycap profiles and variations available, you can make informed decisions when customizing your mechanical keyboard. Whether you prefer the classic feel of Cherry profile or the unique aesthetics of non-standard variations, there is a wide range of keycap options to suit every preference and style.

Compatibility With Box Switches

Explanation Of Box Switches And Their Unique Design

Box switches are a type of mechanical switch known for their unique design and enhanced durability. Unlike traditional switches, box switches have a protective housing around the stem, which helps to prevent keycap wobbling and provides an extra layer of protection against dust and debris. This design feature makes box switches highly reliable and resistant to long-term wear and tear.

Determining Compatibility Of Keycaps With Box Switches

When it comes to keycap compatibility with box switches, the good news is that most keycaps on the market can be used with these switches. Box switches have a standard stem size and shape that is compatible with the majority of keycaps available.

However, it’s important to note that there are different variations and sizes of keycaps, and some may not fit perfectly on box switches. To determine compatibility, it is essential to check the stem design of the keycaps and ensure they have the normal round post and + design.

Keycap sets from well-known manufacturers like Signature Plastics (SP), GMK, Tai Hao, and Ducky are generally compatible with box switches. These sets are typically labeled as MX keycaps and can be used with confidence on box switches.

Keycap Options For Box Switch Users

If you are a box switch user and looking to customize your mechanical keyboard, you have a wide range of keycap options available to you. As mentioned earlier, keycaps from popular manufacturers such as SP, GMK, Tai Hao, and Ducky will fit box switches.

In addition to these brands, many online retailers and marketplaces offer keycap sets specifically designed for box switches. These sets come in various materials, colors, and designs, allowing you to personalize your keyboard to your tastes and preferences.

When shopping for keycaps, make sure to double-check the compatibility information provided by the manufacturer or seller. This will ensure that you select keycaps that are specifically designed to fit box switches, providing a seamless and secure fit.

With the wide selection of keycaps available, you can easily find options that complement your setup and enhance your typing or gaming experience.

Keycap Customization And Availability

When it comes to personalizing your mechanical keyboard, keycap customization is a popular option. Not only does it allow you to add a unique touch to your keyboard, but it also enhances your overall typing experience. However, before diving into the world of keycap customization, it’s important to understand the types of keycaps available, where to find keycaps that fit your specific switches and layouts, and the considerations to keep in mind when purchasing keycaps for customization. Let’s explore each of these aspects further.

The Types Of Keycaps Available For Customization

Keycaps come in various shapes, sizes, and materials, offering you a wide range of options for customization. Some of the most common keycap types include:

  • ABS keycaps: Affordable and widely used, ABS keycaps are made from a type of plastic known as acrylonitrile butadiene styrene. They are known for their smooth texture and high durability.
  • PBT keycaps: Made from a tougher thermoplastic called polybutylene terephthalate, PBT keycaps are known for their resistance to discoloration and wear. They often have a slightly textured surface for enhanced grip.
  • Double-shot keycaps: These keycaps are made through a process called double-shot molding, where two different-colored plastics are molded together. This creates legends (the letters and symbols on the keycaps) that will never fade away.

Keycap Customization Options For Mechanical Keyboards

When customizing your keycaps, you have several options to consider:

  • Color and design: Choose keycaps that align with your personal style or the theme of your setup. From vibrant colors to minimalist designs, the choices are endless.
  • Laser etching: Laser etched keycaps feature legends that are engraved onto the surface of the keycap using laser technology. This results in more precise and long-lasting legends.
  • Artisan keycaps: Artisan keycaps are handcrafted keycaps created by independent artisans. They often feature unique and intricate designs, making them highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts.

Where To Find Keycaps That Fit Specific Switches And Layouts

It’s crucial to find keycaps that are compatible with the switches and layout of your mechanical keyboard. Here are some places where you can find keycaps for your specific needs:


Considerations When Purchasing Keycaps For Customization

Before making a purchase, there are a few factors to keep in mind:

  1. Layout compatibility: Ensure that the keycaps you choose are suitable for the layout of your keyboard. Some keyboards have non-standard sizes for certain keycap rows, so double-check the compatibility before buying.
  2. Switch compatibility: Different switches have different stem designs, and keycaps need to fit properly onto the stems. Make sure to find keycaps that are compatible with the specific switches on your keyboard.
  3. Durability and quality: Consider the material and manufacturing quality of the keycaps. Opt for high-quality keycaps that are built to last, especially if you’re a heavy typist or gamer.

With these keycap customization options and considerations in mind, you can now embark on the journey of transforming your mechanical keyboard into a unique and personalized work of art. Happy customizing!

Frequently Asked Questions Of Are Keycaps Universal?

Does All Keycaps Fit All Keyboards?

Keycaps are not universal. Before buying, check the keycap sizes as some keyboards have non-standard bottom rows that require specially sized keycaps. Different keyboards have different layouts, causing compatibility issues. Keycaps come in various sizes, shapes, and designs.

Are Keycaps Standardized?

Keycaps are not universal. There are standardized keycap profiles, but there are also numerous non-standard variations. Before buying a keycap set, it’s important to double-check the sizes to ensure compatibility with your keyboard. Some keyboards have non-standard bottom rows that require specially sized keycaps.

Do All Keycaps Fit Box Switches?

No, not all keycaps fit box switches. Keycap sizes can vary, especially on non-standard keyboards. It’s important to double-check the keycap sizes before buying a set. Some keyboards, like those from Razer, Logitech, and Corsair, have non-standard bottom rows that require specially sized keycaps.

Are Keycaps Only For Mechanical Keyboards?

No, keycaps are not only for mechanical keyboards. They can be found in various sizes, shapes, and designs for different types of keyboards. However, keycap customization is typically limited to mechanical keyboards.


Keycaps are not universal since you can find keycaps in all sizes, shapes, and designs nowadays. Before purchasing a keycap set, it is important to double-check the keycap sizes. Some mechanical keyboards have non-standard sizes, especially in the bottom row.

This means that they require specially sized keycaps. So, it is crucial to ensure compatibility between the keycaps and your specific keyboard model. By doing so, you can customize your keyboard and enhance its aesthetic appeal.